Professor Henry Snaith FRS

Professor Henry Snaith has pioneered the development of hybrid materials for energy and photovoltaics through an interdisciplinary combination of materials synthesis, device development, advanced optoelectronic characterisations and theoretical studies. He has created new materials with advanced functionality and enhanced understanding of fundamental mechanisms.

His recent discovery of extremely efficient thin-film solar cells manufactured from organic-inorganic metal halide perovskites has reset aspirations within the photovoltaics community. His work has started a new field of research, attracting both academic and industrial following, propelled by the prospect of delivering a higher efficiency photovoltaic technology at a much lower cost than existing silicon PV.

Subject groups

  • Chemistry

    Chemistry, inorganic


  • Kavli Medal and Lecture

    For his discovery and development of perovskite solar cells which are expected to dramatically increase the efficiency and reduce the cost of solar energy.

Professor Henry Snaith FRS
Elected 2015