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Holly Bridge

Dr Holly Bridge


Holly Bridge is a University Research Fellow and Associate Professor at the Centre for Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the Brain at the University of Oxford. She also teaches undergraduates at New College, Oxford about the brain. 

Holly uses MRI scanning to understand how the human brain processes information from the visual system, both in people who can see and in people have suffered damage or dysfunction of their visual system. In particular, she looks at how the brain can reorganise in people who are blind from birth and also people who have suffered a stroke that affects vision. 

With a strong interest in communicating science, Holly has taken part in the Hay Festival, Science Museum Lates and a 6-month part-time secondment to the BBC Science Unit.  


Participated Role
2011 to 2013 Member
2016 to 2018 Member
2017 to 2019 Member
2018 to 2020 Member
2018 to 2020 Member
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