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Indi Tristanto

Dr Indi Tristanto

Research Fellow


Rolls Royce

Research summary

Two strand of works were carried out in order to support the technology necessary to develop a low emission aero engine.

For the first strand, a working industrial tool (TRL-technological readiness Level 5) has been delivered to Rolls-Royce for simulating interaction between combustor and turbine. An extensive study to bring the tool to TRL-6 is currently underway. This include answering a basic question how to define a suitable boundary condition for simulation a coupled turbine combustor system using a simplified model of a real engine geometry as well as dealing with complex flow that is found in a fully featured modern civil aero engine, such as the Trent 1000 and XWB.

For the second strand of work, a mathematical model has been devised and added to Hydra CFD code, the main design and analysis tool for RR aero engine, to create a TRL-4 numerical tool. This method has been verified on basic academic cases that has been previously reported by research team in the US and France. It has also been used to simulate sand ingestion in inlet particle separator that is a key technology for helicopter operation in the desert and sandy environment. This is the first known attempt of using Eulerian based method in this area that is dominated by Lagrangian method.The IPS demonstration serve as a stepping stone towards simulating volcanic ash into the aero engine.

Grants awarded

Advanced CFD Modelling for Turbine - Combustor Interactions of Aero-engines

Scheme: Industry Fellowship

Dates: Oct 2012 - Sep 2016

Value: £94,971.70

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