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James Kirkbride

Dr James Kirkbride

Dr James Kirkbride

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Psychosis risk over the life course: A multilevel, longitudinal investigation of social, economic and physical environmental risk factors at different stages in life.

Scheme: Sir Henry Dale Fellowship

Organisation: University College London

Dates: Jan 2014-Jan 2019

Value: £700,322

Summary: I have designed four studies to investigate the spatial patterning of psychotic disorders in relation to residential location at different stages in life. This will help us discover which environmental factors (physical and/or social) increase risk the most, and when in life such factors have their strongest effects. Study 1 will compare the spatial distribution of two sets of psychotic disorders (with and without changes in mood) to see if a common unobserved spatial factor explains their distr ibution according to residency at different stages in life; evidence against this would support different causal mechanisms in disorder onset. Study 2 will investigate the relative contribution of physical and/or social environmental factors over the life course on psychosis risk. I will determine whether these factors have common or unique effects on risk at different time points, and whether risk at one period in life is mediated by factors at another. Study 3 will follow children over time to see whether moving be

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