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Jerome Neufeld

Dr Jerome Neufeld

Research Fellow


University of Cambridge

Research summary

The work in our group focuses on multiphase fluid dynamics to understand processes in and on the Earth. The research focuses on three broad areas. We aim to understand the fluid dynamics of carbon sequestration by constructing reduced models, and tested using laboratory analogues, against field data. For example, we are testing how the result in small-scale ground deformation which can be imaged from space and modelled in the laboratory. We are also developing new seismic methods for imaging the flow of CO2 in the subsurface, and testing our observations against fluid dynamical models.

In a similar way we can model the solidification of ice in high-latitude polynyas, where strong winds turbulently stir the surface ocean waters, the solidification and convection of magma in shallow reservoirs within the Earth, and the cooling and solidification of iron asteroids. Alll of these systems combine the physics of crystal growth with mixing and buoyant settling, a process not unlike that used to make ice cream. Our laboratory models of crystals lofted by convection provide the insight needed to understand observations in the Arctic and Antarctic, along with the solidified remains of ancient magmatic intrusions.

The process of magmatic intrusions is also one we have modeled in the laboratory. In a similar way to the blistering of the skin, magma injected near the Earth’s surface may bend the surface. By injecting viscous fluids beneath rubber sheets we have shown that fluid-driven delamination is controlled by the physical processes at the front of the fracture.

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Multiphase fluid flow, flexure and freezing in geophysical systems

Scheme: University Research Fellowship

Dates: Oct 2016 - Sep 2019

Value: £273,072.69

Fluid dynamics of multiphase geophysical systems

Scheme: University Research Fellowship

Dates: Oct 2011 - Sep 2016

Value: £517,397.32

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