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Jizhou Wu

Dr Jizhou Wu

Research Fellow


University of Nottingham

Research summary

Cooling of bosonic and fermionic atoms into ultra-low temperatures has been demonstrated as a new and extremely successful approach to probe various quantum phases. The realization of confining these atoms and molecules locally in optical lattices as well as controlling the interactions with high degree of precision provides an ideal testing ground for complex condensed matter systems whose tuning parameters are often limited. Ultracold molecules composed of bosonic or fermionic atoms allow the creation of more complex quantum gases which involve the electric anisotropic dipole interaction and rich tuning parameters and thus serve as perfect candidates to study precise metrology, quantum information processing and strongly correlated systems. My current research work focused at the production of ultracold gases close to absolute zero. I am now working with Bose-Fermi mixtures with fermionic Lithium 6 and bosonic Caesium 133 atoms. We aimed at study Bose-Fermi mixtures or Bose-Bose mixtures in an optical dipole trap in one, two or three dimensions. The mixtures are expected to create ultra-cold molecules and to investigate three and four-body bound states. Furthermore, we will use the ultraocld mixture to develop the research on simulating complex condensed matter systems and exploring quantum many-body phenomena.

Grants awarded

Degenerate mixtures of lithium and caesium for the creation of dipolar molecules

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Jan 2014 - Jan 2016

Value: £66,000

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