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John Croxall

Professor John Croxall CBE FRS


Elected: 2005


John Croxall is Chair of BirdLife International’s Global Marine Programme. He is the former Head of Higher Predator Studies and Conservation Biology at the British Antarctic Survey, where he led research into the dynamics of Antarctic marine ecosystems and especially the role of seabirds and marine mammals.

He has used new technology to study foraging behaviour and movements and established global databases to enable collaborative studies and inputs to national, regional and global marine spatial planning. He played a major role in developing conservation and management policies and practices for Southern Ocean resources and biodiversity, especially through SCAR and CCAMLR, leading UK delegations for over 20 years.

John has served many national and international committees, including the British Ornithologist’s Union as President and the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds as Chair of Trustees. He is the author of nearly 500 books, papers and reports, and the recipient of many scientific awards and prize lectures. These include the Scientific Medal of the Zoological Society of London and the British Ecological Society’s President’s Medal.

Professional positions

Chair, Global Marine Programme, Birdlife International
Honorary Professor, Durham University, School of Engineerig and Computing
Trustee, Falklands Conservation
Trustee, South Georgia Heritage Trust
Honorary Professor, University of Birmingham

Interests and expertise

Subject groups


Anesthesiology monitoring, Conservation genetics, conservation ngo’s, long-term population studies, Marine ecology, marine policy and spatial planning" "albatrosses, Penguins, remote tracking, Seals