Professor Karen Vogtmann FRS

Karen Vogtmann is a mathematician working in the areas of topology and algebra.

She is widely known for introducing new topological and geometric models for the study of infinite discrete groups, and has had a particularly strong influence on the modern approach to automorphism groups of free groups. Her work has connections to fields as diverse as the study of phylogenetic trees and perturbative quantum field theory, as well as to other areas of mathematics such as algebraic K-theory, homotopy theory, and 'tropical' algebraic geometry.

Vogtmann's  honors and awards include the Polya prize, a Humboldt Research Prize, a Royal Society Wolfson Research award, an honorary degree from the University of Copenhagen, a plenary address at the European Congress of Mathematicians and an invited address at the International Congress of Mathematicians. She is a member of the inaugural class of Fellows of the A.M.S. and of Academia Europa.

Before relocating to England she was the Goldwin Smith Professor of Mathematics at Cornell University and served as Vice President of the American Mathematical Society.

Professional position

  • Goldwin Smith Professor Emeritus, Cornell University
  • Professor, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick

Subject groups

  • Mathematics

    Pure mathematics