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Kavita Tiwari

Dr Kavita Tiwari

Research Fellow


University of Bristol

Research summary

The overarching goal of this two year project is to identify and characterise new beta-barrel Diels-Alderases. These will be either rationally engineered variants of AbyU or natural enzymes from previously unexplored biosynthetic gene clusters. The major outcome of this project therefore will be the development of a panel of Diels-Alderases that could be deployed to catalyse the transformation of a range of linear substrates. The products of these reactions may themselves be bioactive compounds of significant value, e.g. as antibiotics, such as ‘non-natural’ derivatives of abyssomicin C, or as other therapeutics or agrochemicals. The applicant and co-applicant will work in partnership to further develop the outcomes of the project, through peer-review publication. We will also work to explore the potential commercial value of these biocatalysts, e.g. for use in industrial processes. This may necessitate patent filing prior to publication. The applicant and co-applicant are committed to continuing the collaboration beyond the duration of the fellowship.

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Structure function and engineering of beta-barrel Diels-Alderases

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Nov 2017 - Oct 2019

Value: £99,000

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