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Keith Browning

Keith Browning

Professor Keith Browning FRS


Elected: 1978


Keith Browning has made exceptional use of radar techniques, especially Doppler radar, to elucidate the structure and evolution of precipitating cloud systems. Using radar and other sounding techniques, numerical weather-prediction products and powerful new methods of meteorological analysis, he has been able to establish for the first time, comprehensive, self-consistent, qualitative descriptions of the air motion in both frontal cloud systems and thunderstorms and to relate these to the distribution and intensity of rain and hail. He has also used the powerful research radars at Defford and Chilbolton to gain new insight into the mechanisms of clear-air turbulence and severe windstorms.

Keith’s work is characterised by exceptional observational skill and physical insight, and an unrivalled ability to analyse and synthesise large masses of complex observational data, to extract from them quickly the essential facts and to present them clearly as unique case studies which will serve as models for years to come. He is recognised as one of the most productive and effective radar meteorologist in the world at the present time.

Professional positions

Emeritus Professor of Meteorology, University of Reading

Interest and expertise

Subject groups

  • Earth and environmental sciences
    • Atmospheric physics and meteorology


weather radar, Doppler radar, satellite imagery, mesoscale, clouds precipitation, hail, convection, thunderstorms, fronts, windstorms

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