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Kenneth Grattan

Professor Kenneth Grattan FREng

Research Fellow


City University

Research summary

A major aim of the innovative research reported (and published in the international literature) has been to develop optical and fibre optic-based devices as a suite of engineered sensor systems which can meet the needs spelt out by industry – usually for situations where conventional sensors do not work well. To do so has involved novel science in the exploitation and tailoring of a wide range of optoelectronic techniques but specifically targeted to address the needs for new and better sensing, including using advanced techniques such as novel Fibre Bragg and Long Period Grating-based systems; fibre laser systems as the basis of optical sensors and the development, synthesis and use of novel optical fibre coatings covalently bonded to optical fibres. The aim has thus been to create devices for specific and targeted physical and chemical sensing needs. Applying these interesting and topical scientific approaches has allowed the research to create new and better measurement systems, being specifically directed towards both physical and chemical parameters for focused applications, often spelt out by industry, and aiming to influence the field internationally. This has led to advances that bring a better environment for the public at large: examples include more sophisticated and less intrusive infrastructure monitoring; new sensors for monitoring of the environment, the atmosphere or the earth; sensors for security and safety, including specific chemical species monitoring – in each case whether stand alone or multiplexed. These innovative developments have been created, working with partners at home, in the EU and globally, as part of a number of international partnerships. To do so successfully reflects both multi-national teamwork and includes a successful UK ‘spin-off’ activity. Experimental research has been supported by systems design, simulation and evaluation to create maximum impact.

Grants awarded

Developing & implementing next generation optical & fibre optic instrumentation

Scheme: Wolfson Research Merit Awards

Dates: Jan 2015 - Dec 2019

Value: £30,000

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