Sir Kostya Novoselov FRS

Kostya Novoselov is a Nobel Prize-winning physicist distinguished for his work in materials science and most notably for the co-discovery of graphene. A virtually two-dimensional form of carbon with exciting physical properties, graphene is already making a major impact on a wide range of industries.

Kostya’s other research interests are extremely varied, and he has conducted important work on a number of areas traditionally associated with biophysics. In addition to devising techniques to monitor the ‘heartbeat’ of individual yeast cells, he has also contributed to the development of adhesives modelled on the climbing mechanisms of geckos.

Regularly listed as one of the most highly cited scientific researchers in the world, Kostya’s work has won him widespread acclaim. In addition to the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics and the 2013 Leverhulme Medal of the Royal Society, he was made a Knight Bachelor in 2012 for his outstanding contributions to science.


  • Leverhulme Medal

    For revolutionary work on graphene, other two-dimensional crystals and their heterostructures that has great potential for a number of applications, from electronics to energy.

  • Nobel Prize in Physics

    Jointly with Andre Geim for groundbreaking experiments regarding the two-dimensional material graphene.

Sir Kostya Novoselov FRS
Elected 2011