Professor Kurt Lambeck AC FRS

Kurt Lambeck conducts a wide range of research in geodynamics. He developed (jointly with Edward Gaposchkin) the first comprehensive model of the Earth’s gravity field using combined satellite and geodetic data and demonstrated the close link between the terrestrial gravity field and plate tectonic processes. This work has had a major influence on several key areas of geodynamics. He has also carried out a comprehensive investigation of the rotation of the Earth, including tidal interactions between the Earth and Moon and extending to tidal effects upon the orbits of artificial satellites. This work clarified some of the key geophysical factors which control these basic processes and has established both the standards and the methodology for all subsequent work in this field. More recently, he has made some important contributions to understanding the formation of intracratonic basins via compressional mechanisms. These are particularly relevant to the formation of the Amadeus Basin in Central Australia.

Professional position

  • Professor of Geophysics, Research School Of Earth Sciences, Australian National University


  • Balzan Prize

    For musicology.

Professor Kurt Lambeck AC FRS
Elected 1994