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Lai Bun Lok

Dr Lai Bun Lok

Research Fellow


University College London

Research summary

Radio echo sounding enables the englacial and basal characteristics of polar ice masses to be observed non-invasively. One of the key challenges in glaciological research is the ability to measure these characteristics accurately so that the dynamics and future behaviour of polar ice masses can be better predicted. Recent advances in ground-based phase-sensitive radio echo sounding instruments have opened up the capability of performing 3-dimensional through-ice imaging and measuring basal melt rates with millimetre-precision over the course of a year and longer. My research aims to develop the next generation of such instruments that are optimised for a wide range of applications in the field of geophysics and environmental sciences. This will culminate in the realisation of a suite of new, reconfigurable and low-power radar sensors operating over multiple frequency bands for the scientific community.

Grants awarded

Advanced instrumentation radars for geophysics and environmental sciences

Scheme: University Research Fellowship

Dates: Oct 2015 - Sep 2020

Value: £472,964.40

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