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Laurence Eaves

Professor Laurence Eaves CBE FRS


Elected: 1997


Laurence Eaves is a physicist who studies the electronic and optical properties of semiconductor devices and materials, including graphene. He has also undertaken experiments using high magnetic fields to investigate quantum chaotic phenomena and to levitate spinning liquid droplets, fruit flies and bacteria. In addition to his primary research, he has a part-time interest in developments in cosmology.

Following studies and research appointments at the University of Oxford and the University of California, Berkeley, he joined the Physics Department at the University of Nottingham in 1976, where he is currently a Research Professor. Since 2012, he has also worked as Professor of Physics at the University of Manchester on graphene transistors with Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov. Laurence has served on numerous committees, including the HEFCE RAE2008 and REF2014 physics sub-panels.

Interests and expertise

Subject groups


graphene, Magnetic fields, Quantum confinement effect, Quantum tunneling, Semiconductors