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Leonid Ponomarenko

Dr Leonid Ponomarenko

Research Fellow


Lancaster University

Research summary

My research is primarily focused on the electronic properties of graphene and other two-dimensional (2D) crystals, which similarly to graphene may be isolated in the form of atomic planes. In the last few years 2D materials were actively used by me and other research groups as building blocks for assembling artificial structures (dubbed van der Waals heterostructures) and making devices with on demand electronic, optical and mechanical properties. For example, atomically thin hexagonal boron nitride, which is perfect 2D insulator, can be used to electrically isolate two atomically thin conductors without significant suppression of the electrostatic Coulomb interaction between carriers of electric charge in two layers. This opens up new opportunities for studying many-body effects, some of which persist even at room temperature and therefore may be used for creating devices with novel functionality.

Grants awarded

Materials and Devices Assembled on Demand from Graphene and Other Atomic Planes

Scheme: University Research Fellowship

Dates: Oct 2013 - Sep 2018

Value: £449,191.32

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