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Luca Cardelli

Dr Luca Cardelli FRS

Research Fellow


University of Oxford

Research summary

The goal of molecular programming is the systematic organization and manipulation of matter at the molecular scale, under programmable control.

The main technology available to us to achieve that goal is DNA nanotechnology: we can arrange strings of molecular "letters" (DNA bases, A,C,T,G) in any configuration we choose, including ones not found in nature, and even animate them through sequences of predetermined steps.

We can then use specially designed DNA structures to pattern other materials, providing opportunities for the production of new substances, molecule by molecule, under programmable control.

And since DNA by its nature can interact with biological entities, in the future we will have also programmable access to the machinery of life at the most fundamental level, for applications to biological discovery and to medicine.

Grants awarded

Scheme: Royal Society Research Professorship

Dates: Sep 2013 - Aug 2018

Value: £163,667.45

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