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Marin Alexe

Professor Marin Alexe

Research Fellow


University of Warwick

Research summary

The main activity is in the field of functional materials especially multiferroic materials. There are two main research fields addressed namely multiferroics, with an emphasis on coupling of free carriers with the ferroic parameters, and photoferroelectrics. The main activity in multiferroics is related to multiferroic tunnel junctions (MFTJ), which might potentially have impact on computing and non-volatile memories. MFTJ are genuinely four state memory cells as well as programmable electronic memristors. The later might change irreversibly the computing paradigm by potentially transforming computer world from a binary to an analog world, bringing its functioning closer to the model of human brain.

The second field of photoferroelectrics has also the potential to change a paradigm, this time the solar cells. Photoferroelectrics are materials showing abnormal photovoltaic effect, which briefly is the generation of extremely large, above band gap, open-circuit voltage under light. This points to a fundamentally different, polarization-related charge-separation mechanism compared with classical semiconductor solar cells. Photoferroelectrics might open new avenues in terms of high-voltage photovoltaics or devices based by light induced tuning of properties such as magnetization or strain.

Lately the field of functionality at the domain walls (DWs) has been addressed. The vision is that a new generation of technologically disruptive devices can be realized in which property alteration is controlled through deployment, movement and annihilation of functionally active DWs. DW-based devices in application sectors such as: transistors, logic devices, piezoelectronics, nano-heat flow control, photovoltaics and spintronics are envisaged.

Grants awarded

Nanoscale multiferroic materials and heterostructures for oxide electronics

Scheme: Wolfson Research Merit Awards

Dates: Jul 2013 - Jun 2018

Value: £50,000

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