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Mark Crimmin

Dr Mark Crimmin

Research Fellow


Imperial College London

Research summary

Our group’s research centers on the design, discovery and study of new catalysts

for the transformation of chemically unreactive compounds to more useful and

desirable molecules. Our work focuses on new methods to break C–H, C–O and

C–F bonds. The former two types of bond are ubiquitous in both our current and

future chemical feedstocks namely petrochemicals and lignocellulosic biomass

while the latter type of bond is present in (potentially environmentally damaging)

fluorocarbons such as CFCs.

Hydrocarbons form the basis of the petrochemical, automotive and aviation

industries and play an integral part in society. In the coming decades, as fossil

fuels become scarce, renewables such as biogas and biodiesel will become more

important. In line with this shift, new technologies will need to be developed which

will increase the efficiency of processing of hydrocarbons to added-value

chemicals without the need for energy intensive methods. Renewable chemical

feed-stocks contain a high level of elemental oxygen by mass and in combination

with other technologies new chemical methods to break carbon-oxygen bonds will

be vital to the efficient, low-energy processing of this material to either

petrochemical or fine-chemical streams. We are orientating our research to pursue

sustainable chemical processes with sustainable catalysts based around plentiful

elements such as copper, calcium, rare-earth metals, zirconium and aluminium.

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Catalysing the Transition to Renewable Resources with Organometallic Reagents

Scheme: University Research Fellowship

Dates: Jan 2016 - Dec 2018

Value: £316,272.36

Generating Reactive Intermediates at f-Block and Group 3 Metal Centres

Scheme: University Research Fellowship

Dates: Apr 2011 - Dec 2015

Value: £528,633.68

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