Professor Mark Handley FRS

Mark Handley is a computer scientist who has made key contributions to the technologies that underpin today’s Internet. The rise of audio and video traffic across the Internet was enabled in part by technologies Mark developed. His research specializes in the control of network traffic, including how it is routed across the world, how network resources are shared between the Internet’s many users, and how to ensure the network is sufficiently resilient and secure to live up to the demands placed on it by society.

Mark Handley is the author of many Internet standards and is a former member of the Internet Architecture Board which provides long-range technical direction for Internet development. He received the British Computer Society Roger Needham Award in 2007 and the IEEE Internet Award in 2012.

Professional position

  • Professor of Networked Systems, Department of Computer Science, University College London (UCL)

Subject groups

  • Computer sciences

    Systems, including networking, Security and privacy