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Martin Bennett

Professor Martin Bennett FRS


Elected: 1995


Martin Bennett has contributed to our understanding of the coordination chemistry of the transition elements, especially of the platinum metal group. His initial contributions were concerned with the nature of cyclometalation reactions of metal ions and this has recently been extended to the preparation of some binuclear species. He has also been able to devise synthetic methods for the preparation of stable platinum and nickel complexes of unstable short lived acetylenes, such as cyclohexyne and benzyne.

In a series of papers, he has described new methods for the generation of alkyl complexes of the noble metals. His recent work has emphasised the range of compounds formed between ruthenium and aromatic hydrocarbons, and illustrated that some of these compounds show activity as hydrogenating catalysts. In these studies, he has also been able to stabilise unusual organic species. He has been a leader in advancing our knowledge of the chemistry of the technologically important platinum metals during the last two decades.

Professional positions

Emeritus Professor of Chemistry, Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University
Adjunct Professor, Department Of Applied Chemistry, RMIT

Interests and expertise

Subject groups


Catalysis, Inorganic chemistry, NMR spectroscopy, Organometallic chemistry, Transition metal compounds, Vibrational spectroscopy