Dr Michael Crumpton CBE FMedSci FRS

Michael Crumpton is a biochemist who has conducted important research into the way our immune system reacts to the presence of foreign bodies. By examining how human antibodies bind with incoming antigens, he has helped to clarify the pivotal role played by molecular structure in interactions of this type.

Michael has focused his attention on the study of lymphocytes, and in particular the way in which antigens react with certain proteins found on the lymphocyte surface. The techniques he developed to isolate these proteins, which apply chromatography to liquid solutions of the surface membrane, have since become widely popular. His findings have improved our understanding of so-called MHC molecules that are expressed on the surface of all cells and play a major role in priming the human immune system.

A leading researcher in his field, Michael has served as Director of Imperial Cancer Research Technology and Head of Biochemistry at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research. He was awarded a CBE in 1991 for his role as a scientific adviser on matters of healthcare.

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  • Biochemistry and molecular cell biology

    Molecular immunology, Biochemistry and molecular biology

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  • Bernal Lecture

    On 'Are low-frequency environmental fields a health hazard?'.

Dr Michael Crumpton CBE FMedSci FRS
Elected 1979