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Michele Ducceschi

Dr Michele Ducceschi

Dr Michele Ducceschi

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Real-time sound synthesis of impacted string instruments with sophisticated nonlinear contact laws

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Organisation: University of Edinburgh

Dates: Mar 2015-Mar 2017

Value: £98,750

Summary: The project proposed in the course of this fellowship is concerned with the faithful acoustical and numerical modelling of the acoustic guitar, with applications to sound synthesis. Them project will be focused mainly on the development of an appropriate nonlinear model of string vibrations. However, a complete model of the guitar will also be investigated. Such a model will consist of an accurate description of the different components of the guitar and their connections (strings, neck, bridge, soundboard, etc.) from a dynamical point of view, by finding an appropriate system of underlying equations, and to design a numerical solver; this approach to sound synthesis is often referred to as physical modelling. Such designs are necessarily informed and constrained by perceptual considerations, and thus standard numerical simulation packages are not ideal in this regard. The outcome of this modelling process is a sophisticated (and so far unavailable) numerical counterpart of the acoustic guitar which will find immediate application in the realm of sound synthesis (for music composition, computer games and, more generally, augmented realities) and which could serve as well as a digital model for instrument makers (by helping in the choice of optimal geometric and material parameters). Because of the broad range of subjects embraced by physical modelling, other fields such as musical acoustics, the physics of vibrations and the numerical solution of partial differential equations in more general fields of nonlinear mechanics will also benefit from the outcomes of the proposed project. I am delighted and grateful to be able to join these groups thanks to a Newton International Fellowship, funded by the Royal Society and the British Academy. Securing such Fellowship is a major achievement for me, as it will help me build a long and fruitful academic relationship with the University of Edinburgh and, in particular, the Acoustics & Audio group and EPCC. Because of the high academic standards of such institutions, I have a unique opportunity to be part of a diverse learning community, which will help in expanding my perspectives and grow in vision and stature.

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