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Natalia Fili

Dr Natalia Fili

Research Fellow


University of Kent at Canterbury

Research summary

Endocytosis is a vital cellular process which is required for nutrient uptake, membrane homeostasis, receptor down-regulation, signal transduction and termination. This is achieved through the interplay of multiple protein and lipid components under tight spatio-temporal regulation. Defects in this process result in uncontrolled intracellular signalling and intercellular communication, leading to diverse diseases, including cancer. Unconventional class I myosins are known to play a key role in endocytosis. However, many aspects of their function remain to be deciphered. The fission yeast myosin I, Myo1, is the sole class I myosin. In order to acquire a deeper understanding of the role of Myo1 in endocytosis, my research aims to dissect the molecular mechanism underlying its interaction with the plasma membrane. This will be achieved by a multidisciplinary approach which combines cell biology, lipid biochemistry, solution kinetics and single-molecule imaging. Firstly, the domains and residues within Myo1 that mediate its interaction with the membrane will be identified using live and fixed cell imaging of various Myo1 truncations and mutants. Then, the identity of the lipid species interacting with Myo1 will be determined in vitro and their role in Myo1 regulation, membrane recruitment and endocytic function will be assessed in vivo. This work will provide a solid foundation for further dissecting the involvement of class I myosins in endocytosis.

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

The interaction of fission yeast class I myosin with the plasma membrane and its role on endocytosis

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Mar 2016 - Mar 2018

Value: £101,000

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