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Neil Bulleid

Professor Neil Bulleid FRSE

Research Fellow


University of Glasgow

Research summary

The correct folding and assembly of proteins is the final stage in cellular protein synthesis. Protein folding requires a group of proteins that can either catalyse folding reactions or function as molecular chaperones to prevent non-productive protein aggregation. The lack of correct folding can lead to stress responses that ultimately cause diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Professor Bulleid investigates the molecular mechanisms that cells use to ensure that the chemical environment inside the endoplasmic reticulum enables the correct folding and assembly of secretory proteins. He also studies the regulation of protein folding by the modification of thiol chemical groups.

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Protein disulfide formation and thiol modification in the mammalian endoplasmic

Scheme: Wolfson Research Merit Awards

Dates: Jan 2015 - Dec 2019

Value: £50,000

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