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Neil Hall

Professor Neil Hall

Professor Neil Hall

Research Fellow

Grants awarded

Genomic Evolution of Host-Parasite Interactions

Scheme: Wolfson Research Merit Awards

Organisation: University of Liverpool

Dates: May 2007-Apr 2012

Value: £56,000

Summary: Understanding how pathogens evolve is crucially important to our ability to predict future epidemics (or pandemics) and to predict how pathogens may evolve in response to disease controls such as drugs and vaccines. Also a better understanding of the host pathogen interface can guide the discovery of new targets for therapies. My group are developing new genomic technologies to undertake this work and the technological platforms that we deploy in my lab are also being used for a wide range of work from plant genomics to cancer studies. Hence part of my lab has become a service facility (The Centre for Genomic Research) which is now a core lab for the MRC and NERC. Use of case study* Are you happy for the Royal Society to use your case study as a lay summary for an online 'Research Fellows database' and other promotional materials? Yes

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