Professor Nigel Glover FRS

Nigel Glover conducts research on the phenomenology of particle physics — the application of theoretical physics to making precise predictions for particle physics experiments. His calculations based on quantum chromodynamics — the theory of the strong nuclear force — are particularly important to measurements made at the Large Hadron Collider. Such measurements are providing insights into the fundamental nature of matter.

Calculations in quantum theory relating to complex systems often require perturbative methods — adding corrections to a well-understood simpler model. Nigel has been especially innovative in developing new techniques to enable more precise calculations, such as second-order corrections to scattering cross sections — a measure of the likelihood of deflection of a beam of particles from a target.

Nigel is a past recipient of a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award. His research career has included positions at two major international accelerator laboratories — CERN in Europe and Fermilab in the United States. Nigel currently holds a European Research Council Advanced Grant (MC@NNLO) and coordinates the Marie Curie Initial Training Network, HiggsTools.

Subject groups

  • Astronomy and physics

    Elementary particle physics