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Paul Ehrlich

Professor Paul Ehrlich ForMemRS

Foreign Member

Elected: 2012


Paul Ehrlich began his career studying butterfly populations. With Peter Raven he coined the term and concept of coevolution — the reciprocal genetic adaptation of two species with close ecological interactions. But to the public and policymakers, Paul is best known for his work as a prominent activist and commentator on overpopulation.

Paul and his wife Anne wrote a controversial book called The Population Bomb. Published in 1968, it became a bestseller and raised awareness of the Ehrlichs’ predictions of the collapse of civilisation due to uncontrolled population growth and depletion of resources. In the decades since, Paul has been a constant and passionate advocate for sustainable development.

Paul cofounded what is now known as the Millennium Alliance for Humanity and the Biosphere, a global body of collaborators working to influence current and future policies and culture. His work in ecology and environmental campaigning has been widely recognised, with many international honours and awards.

Professional positions

Bing Professor of Population Studies, Center for Conservation Biology

Interests and expertise

Subject groups


Animal evolution, Coevolution, Collective human behavior, Conservation science, human ecology


  • Blue Planet Prize

    No citation available for this award.

  • Crafoord Prize

    In the field of biosciences for dynamics and genetics of fragmented populations.