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Pintu Kumar Mandal

Mr Pintu Kumar Mandal

Mr Pintu Kumar Mandal

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Novel Carbohydrate Inhibitors for Bacterial Toxins

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Organisation: University of Leeds

Dates: Aug 2009-Aug 2011

Value: £101,000

Summary: In my research I aim to understand how biology works at the molecular level, and use this knowledge to develop new drugs that will benefit society. The surface of every living cell is covered in an array of complex carbohydrate molecules. This “sugar coating allows the cells to interact with other cells that have complementary protein receptors on their this project I investigate am diverse in their biological targets and the theme of understanding the interactions between sugars and protein at the cell surface. Cholera is caused by the Vibro bacterium that invades our intestines. There it produces a protein toxin that can stick to specific sugar molecules on the gut wall. I aim to design molecules that can mimic the shape of the natural carbohydrate and can therefore also stick to the cholera toxin protein and therefore prevent the effects of this disease. My project topic crosses the boundary between chemistry and biology, and much of my time is spent making the molecules that I want to study. Therefore I am also developing new process for making blood group complex oligosaccharides. I am use general method to existing stereochemistry to guide the formation of new oligosaccharides.

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