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Radek Erban

Dr Radek Erban

Research Fellow


University of Oxford

Research summary

I work on the development, analysis and application of mathematical and computational methods to real-world systems, with a focus on problems which require modelling over different spatial and temporal scales. Applications often come from biology where I am interested in understanding the behaviour of systems consisting of many interacting components. An example is modelling interactions between individual genes and proteins inside a cell which lead to a specific behaviour of the whole cell. These models can be formulated in terms of the behaviour of individual macromolecules which is simulated on a computer. Molecular-based simulations are popular because they can incorporate known molecular biology and can be used to find how changes at the molecular-level lead to desired changes (therapy, treatment) of cell-level properties. However, it is often challenging to efficiently simulate large collections of macromolecules over system-level time scales. I am working on developing algorithms which enable this. For example, in some applications, microscopic detail is only required in a relatively small region (e.g. close to a cell membrane or a particular organelle). One way to achieve this detail is to use a computationally intensive model over the whole simulation domain (cell). A better way is to develop and implement algorithms which can efficiently and accurately couple molecular-based models with less detailed computationally efficient descriptions.These multiscale approaches use a detailed modelling approach in localized regions of particular interest (in which accuracy and microscopic detail is important) and a less detailed model in other regions in which accuracy may be traded for simulation efficiency. Such work can have an impact on biological modelling (e.g. on understanding how a cell functions), because efficient methods are important whenever a modeller wants to find appropriate model parameters for which the experimental data can be reproduced.

Grants awarded

Stochastic and Multiscale Modelling in Biology and Related Areas

Scheme: University Research Fellowship

Dates: Oct 2016 - Sep 2019

Value: £294,679.71

Stochastic and Multiscale Modelling in Biology and Related Areas

Scheme: University Research Fellowship

Dates: Oct 2011 - Sep 2016

Value: £493,061.21

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