Professor Richard Ellis CBE FRS

Richard Ellis has conducted distinguished work in observational cosmology, with particular emphases on studies of the evolutionary properties and large-scale distribution of normal galaxies, the distribution of dark matter on various cosmic scales, and the discovery and nature of dark energy invoked to explain the acceleration of the Universe. Recently, Richard has focused his attention on the earliest phases of galaxy formation addressing the question of whether the first systems were responsible for re-ionising hydrogen in intergalactic space. Richard has also played a key role in devising and organising the application of modern technology to astronomical instrumentation, both in the United Kingdom and the United States. His contributions to the planning of new facilities for astronomers include the Thirty Meter Telescope, now under construction in Hawaii, and the massively multiplexed Prime Focus Spectrograph on the Japanese Subaru telescope.

Subject groups

  • Astronomy and physics

    Astronomy, Cosmology


  • Bakerian Medal and Lecture

    On 'The morphological evolution of the galaxies'.

  • Royal Medals

    For motivating numerous advances in telescopes and instrumentation, and exploited these facilities to revolutionise the understanding of cosmological evolution.

Professor Richard Ellis CBE FRS
Elected 1995