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Robert MacKay


Professor Robert MacKay FRS


Elected: 2000


Robert MacKay is a mathematician whose research focuses on the theory and application of nonlinear dynamics. Highlights include his discovery and renormalisation explanation of how invariant tori break for Hamiltonian systems, and a proof of the existence of spatially localised time-periodic movements in networks of oscillators with an analysis of their stability, interaction and mobility.

He is also responsible for the construction and proof of a mechanical example of a uniformly chaotic system, and the construction of indecomposable spatially extended deterministic dynamical systems exhibiting more than one space–time phase.

Robert is currently a Professor of Mathematics, Director of Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research and Director of the Centre for Complexity Science at the University of Warwick. He has published around 180 papers and articles in his field, as well as being the recipient of over 100 research grants. He served as President of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications from 2012–2013.

Professional positions

Professor of Mathematics Director of Mathematical Interdisciplinary Research, Mathematics Institute, University of Warwick

Interests and expertise

Subject groups


Complex systems, Nonlinear dynamics