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Roger Cowley

Roger Cowley

Professor Roger Cowley FRS


Elected: 1978


Distinguished for his contributions, both experimental and theoretical, to solid state physics. In an influential experiment which he made as a research student Cowley verified the suggestion that the anomalous dielectric properties of certain crystals are associated with a low-frequency mode of vibration, the so-called ’soft-mode’. Since then he has continued to use the technique of slow neutron scattering, with colleagues in several reactor centres, to make studies of elementary excitations in crystals, in magnetic systems and in liquid helium. He has played a leading role in this international effort. His contributions to the theory have been even more important, and have significantly advanced the theories of lattice dynamics, of ferroelectricity, of light scattering by crystals, of structural phase transitions and of excitations in disordered magnetic systems. Cowley was the first recipient of the Max Born medal and prize, instituted by the German Physical Society and the Insititute of Physics in 1973.

Professor Roger Cowley FRS died on 27 January 2015.

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  • Astronomy and physics
    • Magnetism, Crystallography, Statistical
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