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Ronald Breslow

Ronald Breslow

Professor Ronald Breslow ForMemRS

Foreign Member

Elected: 2000


Ronald Breslow was a chemist who worked on the design and synthesis of new molecules, and the subsequent study of their properties. His many research highlights included the identification of the mechanism used by thiamine — vitamin B1 — to catalyse a number of biochemical reactions.

In addition to his work on thiamine, Ronald discovered a new group of cytodifferentiation agents, which induce terminal differentiation in cells and have potential applications in cancer therapy. Alongside his research, Ronald was a highly regarded educator, and had been presented with both the Great Teacher Award and the Mark Van Doren Award for Teaching of Columbia University.

Ronald also received many accolades in recognition of his work, including the US National Medal of Science in 1991 and the Arthur C. Cope Award of the American Chemical Society in 1987. He was also been elected to the membership of a variety of prestigious organisations, including the American Philosophical Society and the US National Academy of Sciences.

Professor Nicholas Mackintosh FRS died on 8 February 2015.

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  • Chemistry
    • Chemistry, organic
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