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Rui Yang

Dr Rui Yang

Research Fellow


Queen Mary, University of London

Research summary

Transformation Optics, a concept pioneered by two British Scientists Ulf Leonhardt and John Pendry, can be applied to design devices such as Harry Potter’s Invisibility Cloak. One of difficulties in achieving perfect invisibility is that the constitutive parameters in such conceptual designs are very complicated and hardly realizable. However, the theory behind transformation optics can have much wider applications than the cloaking alone, and offers a useful tool in the engineering design. In this project, we have extended this concept to develop antennas for body-centric wireless communications, a topic pioneered and developed by Profs Yang Hao (Queen Mary University of London, the UK host) and Peter Hall. Body-centric Wireless Communications refer to communications between sensor nodes scattered on the human body. It has abundant applications include personal healthcare, smart home, personal entertainment and identification systems, space exploration and military. The human body is an uninviting and often hostile environment for a wireless signal. In general, antennas suffer from reduced efficiency due to electromagnetic absorption in human tissues and human shadowing. In this project, novel antennas and surface wave control techniques have been developed to improve on-body and off-body radio propagations and move the concept a step closer to the industrial practice.

Grants awarded

Electrically Small Antennas loaded with Metamaterials for Body-centric Wireless Communications

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Nov 2009 - Oct 2011

Value: £99,000

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