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Samuel Rund

Dr Samuel Rund

Research Fellow


University of Edinburgh

Research summary

At the University of Edinburgh, I am exploring biological timing in mosquitoes. This includes asking how disease transmission itself is affected by circadian biology. For example, how is the malaria parasite affected by the circadian rhythms of the mosquito (and alterations of those rhythms through evolutionary and artificial processes such as light- treatment.) I also explore how environmental factors that change with daily and seasonal cycles (and also due to climate change) such as temperature, humidity, and moonlight drive mosquito physiology, and ultimately disease transmission. I investigate these phenomenon both in the laboratory, and by collating data collected in the field. My efforts in field data collating, include helping to set up large-scalle data aggregation pipelines and standards for the deposition for mosquito abundance data for use by the wider community.

Grants awarded

Illuminating the effects of light and time-of-day on malaria-transmitting mosquitoes

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Mar 2015 - Mar 2017

Value: £99,048.50

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