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Selinda Orr

Dr Selinda Orr

Research Fellow


Cardiff University

Research summary

Fungal infections such as candidiasis have become a major healthcare problem in recent decades due to increasing numbers of immunocompromised individuals (HIV+ patients, cancer patients receiving chemotherapy). Patients with systemic fungal infections have high mortality rates (5-71%) and it is estimated that invasive fungal infections account for ~1.5 million deaths per year worldwide. Current anti-fungal therapies are often insufficient and immunological intervention combined with traditional anti-fungal therapies may be required. However, the protective immune responses are still relatively poorly understood. Therefore, I plan to thoroughly research anti-fungal immune responses to improve our understanding of the requirements for successful anti-fungal immunity. Immune cells use cell surface receptors to recognize invading fungal pathogens. Anti-fungal immune responses are complex, involving a highly co-ordinated response from multiple receptors. I aim to determine how these recepto rs function individual

Grants awarded

Collaborative and redundant roles of CLRs in anti-fungal immunity.

Scheme: Sir Henry Dale Fellowship

Dates: Feb 2013 - Feb 2018

Value: £1,112,539

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