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Simone Hochgreb

Professor Simone Hochgreb

Research Fellow


University of Cambridge

Research summary

Our area of research focuses on the fundamental flame studies, including the implementation of state-of-the-art laser diagnostics techniques for measuring combustion properties of laminar flames and reacting spray. In the present Newton fellowship programme, several techniques are combined to study the effects of droplets as either reactant or suppressant on flame under laminar conditions. Diluted spray or droplet mists in flame are often encountered in practical problems, from spray flames, spray coating to fire suppresion. The spray mists can contain either reactants such as fuels or particle precursor which can promote flame propagation or spray coating formation, or suppressant, such as water. In these cases, the evolution of droplets in reacting flow, from droplet vaporisation, mixing and interaction with flame needs be thoroughly investigated. To date, there has been only limited experimental work on liquid fuel flames with controlled droplet concentrations and diameters in laminar flames, whilst most of the literature in droplet-spray interactions has focused on numerical work in flame suppression and propagation. In this work, we have started to generate a wide range of controlled mists of both liquid fuels and suppressants in background gaseous mixtures to study the role of droplet concentration and diameter on the bulk laminar flame speeds of droplet-laden flows. The results obtained from this work serve as a solid foundation for the development of technology related to flame suppression and enhancement, spray combustion, spray coating and materials formation.

Grants awarded

Scheme: Wolfson Research Merit Awards

Dates: May 2003 - Apr 2008

Value: £177,500

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