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Simone Michele

Dr Simone Michele

Research Fellow


Loughborough University

Research summary

Energy extraction from sea waves is one of the most challenging and exciting global problems. While an abundance of wave energy is available all over the world, such energy is not currently harnessed for a variety of reasons, including the steep cost and low efficiency of wave energy converters (WECs). Consequently, despite advancements made in ocean energy technologies, no WEC prototype has yet been converted into a commercial unit.

This project will answer the question: how can we make wave energy converters more efficient, and thus commercially more attractive? In our project, we will develop the first technology to enhance the performance of WECs through an innovative combination of advanced mathematics and computer science. We will use our mathematical model to provide WEC developers with a novel database of high-efficiency WEC configurations. The results of this project potentially provide a key milestone in our effort to produce clean energy from sea waves.

Grants awarded

Nonlinear Multi-Parameter Shape Optimisation of Wave Energy Converters

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Feb 2018 - Jan 2020

Value: £56,500

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