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Sougato Bose

Professor Sougato Bose

Research Fellow


University College London

Research summary

Much of my research focusses on the study and creation of a particularly unique type of quantum correlations called entanglement in various physical systems. This entanglement is a pivotal resource for quantum information processing and demonstrates the viability of a system as a hardware for an information technology based uniquely on quantum principles. Additionally, I am looking at the use of minimally controlled processes, such as scattering, for logic gates in information processing. The usage of minimal resources, such as one copy of the simplest possible quantum system, namely a spin, to study the states of much higher dimensional many-body interacting systems is also one of my goals.

One of the central problems of my research is to generate entanglement between distant points by means of an interacting spin system (i.e. for example, a magnet). This year we have found that the initialisation of the state of the magnet is very important in determining the quality of information and entanglement transfer through such a system.

We have shown that a single quantum bit, the simplest possible quantum system can suffice to probe the quantum states of much larger quantum systems including many coupled oscillators.

We have found that simply colliding two particles can implement an useful quantum mechanical logic gate between them. This will be very useful for computation under low control mechanisms when one uses the ultimate miniaturised form of bits, namely those encoded in single spins. Similarly colliding a mobile particle with two stationary ones can enact a logic gate between the stationary ones under appropriate conditions.

Grants awarded

Quantum Information Uses of Complex Systems and Limits of the Quantum World

Scheme: Wolfson Research Merit Awards

Dates: Oct 2007 - Sep 2012

Value: £75,000

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