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Stephan Lewandowsky

Professor Stephan Lewandowsky

Professor Stephan Lewandowsky

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

The (mis)information revolution: Information seeking and knowledge transmission

Scheme: Wolfson Research Merit Awards

Organisation: University of Bristol

Dates: Oct 2013-Sep 2018

Value: £50,000

Summary: My research examines people's memory, decision making, and knowledge structures, with a particular emphasis on how people update information in memory. The unifying theme of my research is "computational modeling" of one sort or another: That is, I try to understand human cognition by developing computer models of how people process information. In pursuit of this goal, the models are first fit to existing results, and novel predictions of the models are then explored experimentally. Recently, I have become interested in how people update their memories if things they believe turn out to be false. This has led me to examine the persistence of misinformation in society, and how myths and misinformation can spread. I have become particularly interested in the variables that determine whether or not people accept scientific evidence, for example surrounding vaccinations or climate science. I have found that people's ability to process corrective information is determined by their "worldviews"; that is, their basic attitudes towards how society should be structured.

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