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Tao Shao

Professor Tao Shao

Professor Tao Shao

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Novel nanosecond-pulsed plasma/catalysis process for the conversion of methane into value-added fuels

Scheme: Newton Advanced Fellowship

Organisation: University of Liverpool

Dates: Mar 2015-Feb 2018

Value: £111,000

Summary: Prof. Tao Shao has been working on high-pressure pulsed discharges and plasma applications with the emphasis on nanosecond-pulse discharges since 2003. Significant efforts have been devoted to understand the fundamental physics including breakdown mechanisms of the nanosecond pulsed gas discharges. His research has also been focused on the development and investigation of a wide range of plasma sources (e.g. dielectric barrier discharge, plasma jet, and gliding discharge) with an excitation of nanosecond pulses, and their applications in surface modification, flow control, and plasma chemical processes. The award of the Newton Advance Fellowship provides him a unique opportunity, in collaboration with the University of Liverpool, to develop a novel and emerging plasma-catalytic process based on a cutting-edge nanosecond-pulsed power technology for the conversion of methane into value-added fuels and chemicals such as hydrogen to exploit the new technology of reducing and utilizing greenhouse gas emissions. The combination of pulsed plasma and catalysis has the great potential to generate a synergistic effect which can increase the conversion and efficiency of the plasma process, whilst reducing the activation temperature of the catalysts. The emphasis of the project will also be placed on the understanding of plasma-catalyst interactions by combined means of plasma diagnostics and catalyst analytic techniques. This award will enable the fellow to deliver scientifically excellent and industrially relevant research and to address one of the most challenging issues facing society in the 21st century. He can be approached by email:

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