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Timothy Eglinton

Timothy Eglinton

Professor Timothy Eglinton FRS


Elected: 2014


Timothy Eglinton’s research is uncovering the processes that govern the Earth’s carbon cycle, from the molecular level to the global scale. Timothy pioneered the application of radiocarbon dating as a way to follow the cycling of carbon at the Earth’s surface — vastly improving the accuracy of estimating the amount of carbon and the timescales involved.

He is examining the carbon cycle by following all parts of the process — from the production and transport of organic materials on land and at sea, to their burial — over a range of spatial and temporal scales. His research is also shedding light on the cycle in the geological past through the analysis of organic signatures preserved in the geological record.

Timothy is currently a chief editor of the journal, Frontiers in Earth Science, specialising in biogeoscience. His father, organic geochemist Geoffrey Eglinton, is also a Fellow of the Royal Society.

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