Sir Timothy Gowers FRS

Timothy Gowers is a mathematician whose application of analytic and combinatorial methods to the study of whole numbers has yielded several important discoveries in the field. He has also made valuable contributions to combinatorics and functional analysis by finding new connections between these two areas of mathematics.

Timothy is a keen communicator of mathematical research at all levels, and his 2002 book Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction has proved a bestseller amongst those with little prior mathematical knowledge. His personal blog, set up in 2007 and regularly updated, is widely read by those within the mathematics community.

Awarded the Fields Medal at the age of 34, Timothy also received a knighthood in the 2012 Queen’s Birthday Honours List. In 2013, he was one of 17 international scholars and thinkers given an honorary degree to commemorate the University of St Andrews’ 600th anniversary.

Professional position

  • Royal Society Research Professor, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge
  • Fellow, Trinity College, University of Cambridge

Subject groups

  • Mathematics

    Pure mathematics


  • Fields Medal

    Provided important contributions to functional analysis, making extensive use of methods from combination theory. These two fields apparently have little to do with each other, and a significant achievement of Gowers has been to combine these fruitfully.

  • Sylvester Medal

    For his ground breaking results in the theory of Banach spaces, pure combinatorics, and additive number theory.

Sir Timothy Gowers FRS
Elected 1999