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Vinodkumar Saranathan

Dr Vinodkumar Saranathan

Research Fellow


University of Oxford

Research summary

My integrative research lies at the interface of evolutionary biology, behaviour and organismal biology, soft matter physics, photonics and the emerging field of biomimetics. I am primarily interested in what I have termed "Evolutionary Photonics" - the meso-scale (100-300 nm) nanostructure and organisation, optical function, development, and ecology and evolution of bio-photonic nanostructures that produce organismal structural colours in birds, butterflies, beetles, spiders and bees, including in the fossil record.

Grants awarded

Social Hierarchy and Sexual Selection in Blue Tits: A Robust Biophysical Approach

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Mar 2011 - Mar 2013

Value: £106,000

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