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Wanlin Wang

Professor Wanlin Wang

Research Fellow


Open University

Research summary

My research approach is based on the experimental study through using the novel techniques that I have devoted significant efforts on the development. IET (infrared Emitter Technique) that I have developed recently could in-situ observe the dynamic melting, solidification and heat transfer phenomena of mold flux in continuous casting. Coupling with DHTT (Double Hot Thermocouple Technique), the overall thermal properties and thermodynamic behaviors of slag could be studied. Also an advanced mold simulator has been developed recently in my group, which provides a powerful tool for the analysis of the complex and transient thermodynamic behaviors of molten steel and mold flux. With the cooperation with Prof. Rongshan Qin, a novel electropulse-based device is applied to the mold simulator, thus the effect of electropulse on the initial solidification of molten steel could be successfully analyzed.

Grants awarded

Study of the Electropulse-based Superclean Steel Green Processing Method

Scheme: Newton Advanced Fellowship

Dates: Mar 2016 - Mar 2019

Value: £111,000

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