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William Lionheart

Professor William Lionheart

Research Fellow


University of Manchester

Research summary

I work in inverse problems, theory and an applications across a wide range of mathematical and physical techniques.

Electrical Impedance Tomography. Theory, numerics and application to medicine, process monitoring and geophysics. Current focus is on respiratory intensive care.

Electromagnetic imaging for land mine detection including multiple drive multiple measurement inductive system for metal imaging and multistatic ground penetrating RADAR reconstruction algorithms. Main application is civilian land mine clearance, also security people screening

X-ray tomography for material science and security. Reconstruction algorithms for switched source x-ray CT. Scattering correction in CT. Spacio temporal regularization in dynamic CT. Reconstruction problems using scattered x-rays and energy sensitive detectors.

Tensor tomography for stress and strain imaging using x-ray diffraction and polarized light. Neutron spin tomography.

Grants awarded

Novel Methods in Tomography imaging: "Rich tomography" and fast dynamic imaging

Scheme: Wolfson Research Merit Awards

Dates: Jan 2015 - Dec 2019

Value: £37,500

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