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Wim Pierson

Dr Wim Pierson

Research Fellow


Babraham Institute

Research summary

Upon infection or vaccination, germinal centre (GC) responses generate long-lived antibody secreting plasma cells and memory B cells. This allows vaccination programs to very efficiently halt or even eradicate life-threatening infectious diseases. Despite these advances in preventive medicine, protecting aged individuals against seasonal epidemics such as influenza has proven difficult as their ability to generate a robust, protective memory after vaccination is strongly reduced. My project will focus on the changes occurring during the aging process of the immune system, in particular those that impede the formation and function of protective structures such as the germinal centre.

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

How PD-1 overexpression on Tfh and Tfr cells with age affects the germinal centre response

Scheme: Newton International Fellowships

Dates: Jan 2015 - Dec 2016

Value: £101,000

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