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Wladek Forysiak

Dr Wladek Forysiak

Dr Wladek Forysiak

Research Fellow

Interests and expertise (Subject groups)

Grants awarded

Tackling Information Capacity limits to Tbit/s fibre Optic Communication systems

Scheme: Industry Fellowship

Organisation: Aston University

Dates: Oct 2012-Oct 2016

Value: £128,560

Summary: This project seeks to examine ways to increase the information carrying capacity of optical fibre to address society's short-to-medium term needs and to find practical solutions to ease the anticipated "capacity crunch" before more advanced solutions based on a new class of optical fibres become available in 10 years or more. It aims to combine state-of-the-art components and sub-systems from industrial partners with expertise in information theory, numerical simulation and experimental transmission system emulation from Aston University to explore various emerging techniques to enhance transmission capacity in conventional single-mode fibre (as deployed extensively by BT, Virgin Media and their competitors). In particular, it aims to investigate the role fibre nonlinearity plays in limiting the information carrying capacity of these fibres, and to explore novel techniques which may compensate or even harness this nonlinearity. During the fourth phase of this project, the RSIF worked mainly on numerical techniques of 100Gbit/s and 200Gbit/s signals capable of transmission over hundreds of kilometres of fibre. At Aston, significant progress on the enhanced bandwidth amplifiers required to support increased capacity was made, while at Oclaro Technology, work on compact pluggable 100Gbit/s transceivers for metro and long-haul applications yielded a first generation of products.

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