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Wolfgang Langbein

Professor Wolfgang Langbein Dr Habil FLSW

Research Fellow


Cardiff University

Research summary

My research interests are (i) ultrafast coherent spectroscopy of semiconductor nanostructures, microcavities, and semiconductor optical devices. (ii) application of optical spectroscopy and microscopy to the life-science, including the techniques of coherent Raman scattering (CRS) microscopy, fluorescent resonant energy transfer, label-free optical biosensing.

Currently I am working on

- Developing an unsupervised hyperspectral image analysis method and software to analyse CRS data, which is also suited for Raman and fluorescence.

- Improving the imaging speed and spatial resolution in hyperspectral CRS

- Applying CRS to the life sciences, including areas of lipid metabolism, cell cycle, and stem cells

- Imaging of plasmonic and dielectric nanoparticles in cells using CRS, resonant four-wave mixing, and photo-thermal contrast.

- Measuring and understanding exciton dynamics in low-dimensional semiconductors like quantum dots and platelets

- The coherent coupling of excitons via photonic cavities

- The electrodynamics of resonators and waveguides developing the resonant state expansion

Grants awarded

Scheme: Leverhulme Trust Senior Research Fellowship

Dates: Feb 2014 - Jan 2015

Value: £42,442

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